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Function & Form Coilovers Type 1

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  • The Type One Coil-Over is a full bodied coil-over, with simplicity in mind. We set the dampening characteristics for you, and also chose less aggressive spring rates to match the fixed dampening. But what we did not change was the durability, quality, smooth ride, and lowering characteristics we are known for. Continuing with our belief that quality can be affordable, we priced the Type One suspension to fit the financially conscious tuner’s budget. We recommend for the Type One product line for anybody that wants to enjoy performance, quality and great looks in a simplistic way. Install, set your height, and you are ready to roll…! Don’t let simplicity fool you. The Type One Suspension System is constructed with the same materials as our Type Two systems. Same approach and philosophy in construction and strength. Our main goal is to give you a peace of mind when commuting, or cruising in the weekend.

    Dampening pre-tuned from the factory
    Ride height adjustable seperate of pre-load
    Steel lower mounts for maximum strength
    Adjustable Camber Plates *when applicable*
    Top mounts included on applications that are applicable
    Special oil lubrication to withstand conditions from -40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius
    Dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort
    Double wishbone piston size 43mm
    McPherson strut piston size 50mm

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