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Blox Racing 2200CC Injectors

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  • *These injectors are for Street Applications*


    • Pre-assembled injectors for Honda B/D/H/F/K- Series¬†and 06-09 S2000¬†series¬†applications
    • 38mm injector size, 11mm bore
    • High impedance¬†
    • Not recommended for racing
    • Not¬†compatible¬†with e85 or methanol

    Fuel injectors are tested at the following:

    • 43.5 PSI (3 Bar)
    • 13.8 Volts
    • 100 Hz
    • Do not exceed 50psi base pressure¬†
    • Do not exceed 85psi MAX pressure
    • Minimum idle MS 2.2


    Eco-Fi Street fuel injectors are performance replacement injectors offered as economic and budget friendly, basic upgrades to your vehicle's fuel system.

    Each EV14 injector is flowed and matched and are strictly intended for naturally aspirated and mild, forced induction street tunes. 

    All Eco-Fi Street injectors include Viton O-rings and, where applicable, height adapter tops. Eco-Fi Street injectors are available in single-piece or sets and come with EV14 pigtails.

    ***Set of 4***

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