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Blox Racing Billet Throttle Body (Honda B/D/H/F Series)

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  • BLOX Racing billet throttle bodies are designed as a direct-fit replacement and reuse factory sensors. The larger bore sizes provide increase incoming airflow that, with the proper intake manifold and camshafts, helps develop additional usable horsepower and torque. Each billet throttle body is precision, CNC machined from AL6061. In addition, each throttle body features an IAC port and provisions to adjust idle air and throttle plate stop position.

    Cross applications include the Honda B, D, H and certain F-series Accord engines.

    Available in 66mm - 68mm bore sizes. TPS included.

    BLOX Racing also offers billet units for Honda K-series applications.

    1. 66mm - 68mm throttle bodies use gasket paper or modified OEM gasket.
    2. For engines with firewall mounted MAP sensors, use of throttle body mounted MAP can be used with no issues

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