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Blox Racing Brake Booster Elimi-Plate

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  • The Elimi-Plate is ideal for enthusiasts looking to clean up their engine bay presentation by putting that final touch on their brakeline tuck.  This plate allows for the removal of the OEM brake booster and master cylinder in order to use an aftermarket compact master cylinder, such as BLOX.

    Hardcore racers also stand to benefit by being able to eliminate the weight associated with some of the brake components.


    Considering the importance of the brakes, BLOX Racing always recommends that a brake system expert perform the installation and service.


    Product Specifications

    Billet AL6061; available in anodized black or silver

    Flush mounted bolt holes; stainless steel hardware

    Overall: 4” L x 3.25” H x 0.47” W

    Master cylinder not included

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