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Blox Racing Fuel Pump

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  • BLOX Racing offers multiple flow-rate fuel pumps.  Each fuel pump is designed to be a direct replacement or high performance upgrade for fuel systems requiring additional flow for high horsepower naturally aspirated and forced induction engine builds.

    BLOX Racing 255 and 320 LPH fuel pumps are available in three configurations that cover most vehicle applications and feature the same dimensions as other pumps referenced as GSS340, GSS341 and GSS342 respectively.

    BLOX Racing 300 LPH is available in two types: Gasoline and Ethanol-compatible fuel pumps.  

    All BLOX Racing  have low amp draw to help reduce temperatures and prolong life.  BLOX fuel pumps are consistent, durable and reliable.

    • Electric, in-tank
    • Not intended for carbureted engines
    • Not intended for external use

    Fitment Guide

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