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Blox Racing Lowering Springs

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  • BLOX Racing raises the bar with its new line of performance lowering springs.  All lowering springs are CNC-wound using hot-rolled SAE 9254 spring steel to ensure quality and performance.  These progressive rate springs are then subjected to heat and shot peen treatment, protecting them against deformation and greatly increasing high fatigue endurance.  All springs then undergo powder coating for durability and rust resistance.

    Competition Series lowering springs offer drivers racecar like handling and maximum performance without sacrificing quality.  The vehicle’s center of gravity is lowered improving driving response and increasing stability, while reducing the effects of nose dive under hard braking and minimizing body roll through hard cornering.

    BLOX Racing lowering springs are engineered to lower your vehicle properly and safely while still maintaining proper suspension travel.  Kits lower between 2.0” – 2.75”

    NOTE: Designed to properly fit BLOX Racing shocks or other OEM-length shocks.  Will not properly work with shortened-shock bodies.

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