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Blox Racing Tuner Series Brake Kit

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  • BLOX Racing's Tuner Series front brake upgrade kit is designed as a high performance upgrade for Honda and Acura vehicles using 262mm (diameter) front rotors. This brake upgrade kit is one of the most cost effective upgrades for the street and track. With the increased horsepower and torque in today's builds, comes the necessity of a brake kit that can provide consistent braking and stopping performance.

    BLOX Racing's Tuner Series front brake upgrade kit includes the following components:

    • BLOX Racing forged calipers feature 4-stainless steel pistons that provide excellent clamping force and bolt-on to the factory mounts and spindles. These new calipers also work on Honda and Acura factory rotors measuring 262mm diameter and brake lines.
    • BLOX Racing front rotors feature¬†directional cross drilling and slots to provide¬†increased ventilation. The heat and gas generated from frequent and hard braking are easily released. Wet braking performance is also increased.
    • BLOX Racing HP10 brake pads provide longer pad life, consistent braking performance¬†with lower dust that is generated from high performance street driving and track days.

    ***Does not fit Type R***

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