Enkei GTC01RR

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  • The GTC01RR is made after one of our strongest wheels, the GTC01. After vast research, we were able to keep the high rigidity while making it lightweight, comparable to the RPF1. The GTC01RR has been tested in high-performance categories including cornering, braking, acceleration, deceleration, and steering response. The GTC01RR is available in three different concave faces.

    「GTC01」 レーシングレボリューションコンセプトホイール
    ■ 応力分散、ブレーキ冷却に優れる2×6マルチスポークコンケイブデザイン
    ■ レーシングホイールレベルの高い基本性能を獲得したモデル

    • Sizes 18″
    • Matte Gunmetal
    • Includes two red Enkei Racing badges
    • Spec-E Inspected
    • MAT Process

    ***Price is per wheel***

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