Kansei Roku Off-Road

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  • $249


    Built for The Untamed,

    Our Roku is going off road and continues to utilize our Formlite construction process along with many built in features to keep the adventure going.

    Asymmetrical tire bead humps to help keep your tires mounted when running low air pressure.

    The Roku is a classic 6 spoke wrapped in a classic stepped lip. Each Roku Off Road size features a curved concave face and is big brake compatible while maintaining strong and lightweight construction. 

    Key Features Include:
    • Reinforced Inner Rim Lip
    • Asymmetrical¬†tire bead humps to help with low pressure
    • Formlite Rim Barrell Strengthening Process
    • Big brake clearances
    • Low profile color matched cap¬†
    • TPMS Compatibility

    ***Price is per wheel***

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