MPC Motorsport

MPC Motorsport ST1 Weighted Shift Knob

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      The Spherical Type 1W is made from high quality billet steel alloy. Measuring in right at 50mm, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

       Weighing in at 540 Grams, this is perfect for those looking for a high quality weighted shift knob for street or track use.

      • Crafted from high quality 4140 Steel

      • Precision CNC Machined

      • Designed to flow seamlessly with any interior

      • Built in the USA


      • M8x1.25 (AUTO Honda/Acura, etc)

      • M10x1.25 (Nissan, Mazda, etc)

      • M10x1.50 (Honda, Acura, etc)

      • M12x1.25 (Subaru, Scion, etc)

      • M12x1.50 (RX7, VW etc)

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