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MPC RT1 Stainless Steel Shift Knob

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      The MPC RT1 Weighted Stainless Steel Shift Knob is designed for the true enthusiast. The ergonomic design makes for comfortable and quick shifting during spirited driving.

      • Track Inspired Design

      • Taller Height provides comfortable shifting

      • Built from 303 Stainless Steel

      • Built in the USA

      Available in a machined finish, finished by hand or multi-stage powdercoat.


      • M8x1.25 (AUTO Honda/Acura, etc)

      • M10x1.25 (Nissan, Mazda, etc)

      • M10x1.50 (Honda, Acura, etc)

      • M12x1.25 (Subaru, Scion, etc)

      • M12x1.50 (RX7, VW etc)


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