Tein Cell Phone Holder

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  • While this might sound like an item that doesn’t or shouldn’t relate to TEIN, first off, it’s just a nice accessory to have!

    Second, if you’re already familiar with the Defi Smart Adapter W product we distribute, an item compatible with smartphones (and tablets) and turns them into a fully functional gauge cluster, one issue many of you might have is how to mount your cell phone to be able to effectively use the Smart Adapter W app while driving.

    So, this simply offers you a solution to mount your phone in a location that makes it easily accessible. And, of course, if you use your smartphone for GPS/Navigation (which most all smartphones have the capability), this makes it easy to see the map on your phone while you drive.

    Included with the Cell Phone Holder is two sizes of steel backing plates to be mounted to your phone’s backside. From there, it’s a simple as mounting the magnet onto your A/C vent and sticking your phone right to the magnet. Easy!

    *It works great on smartphones, but most tablets are too heavy and the magnet may not be strong enough to hold such weight.

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